Fabric Commission Finishing Operation;

We are also able to offer our fully vertical fabric commission finishing services.

We are one of the last remaining companies here in the U.K. to offer this bespoke service.

Our production facilities house a number of brushing machines which can produce a variety of brush finishes on a wide number of fabrics for example;  fleeces, sweatshirting, single jersey, interlock, ribs, knitwear, thermal, medical, automotive and upholstery etc....

Our machinery is able to brush, suede, emerise and loop-raise, both in open width format and tubular format depending upon your specific end requirements.

The stenter (open width finishing) is able to finish fabrics from 0.6 metres up to a maximum width of 2 metres useable, with calender (tubular width finishing) facilities up to a maximum of 105cms.  Along with supporting ancillary facilities of both turning & slitting.


Fabric Commission Dyeing Operation;

We are also able to offer weft and warp knitted fabric jet dyeing & finishing on to a number of different types of compositions for example;  polyester, viscose, cotton, blends etc....

We have dye baths ranging from a small sample machine which can accommodate between 10-20 kilos, all the way up to our largest bath which can dye up to a maximum of 550 kilos. 

Stenter facilities for open width finishing between 130cms to a maximum of 195cms, with supporting slitting & drying operations.

We are able to "coat" many applications on to fabrics for example;  flame retardant, hydrophillic, teflon, silverplus anti-bacterial etc....